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Erin Kumpf Acupuncture & Herbs


Proven, Effective, Natural Treatment For All Types Of Infertility and Menstruation Issues

“Our fertility enhancement program is designed to bring your body back into balance so you feel strong, vital, healthy, and alive. Conception and pregnancy then happen as nature intended because your body is ready to bring new life into the world.”

Amazing help to sufferers from PCOS

Because of Erin, I now have a 7 month old son. I struggled with PCOS for over 10 years. My doctors all basically shoved BC pill at me. I did not want to stay on the pill forever and also had fertility concerns due to my diagnosis. Erin took the time to actually listen to me and actually came up with a treatment plan for my overall health and well being. I cannot recommend her enough. With her help, I was able to get my health back on track and actually learn about PCOS and the things that I can do to overcome/help with the symptoms. She is kind and caring and her office and staff make you feel so welcome. I am extremely grateful to have found her. I was able to conceive naturally and quickly! She is extremely knowledgeable in what she does and I HIGHLY recommend her. – MR, Jersey City

Fertility Support – Psychologist, NJ


When my doctor recommended acupuncture to augment fertility, I was less than thrilled and initially dragged my feet. It’s not that I didn’t believe in its benefits, I was just unsure about whether acupuncture was a good fit for me. How could someone with an aversion to needles possibly benefit? Wouldn’t it increase my stress and wasn’t I trying to avoid that? Over time, my desire to become pregnant increased my openness toward making an appointment. I began my search and found EKAH. Despite closer options, I was drawn to the pre-existing positive online reviews and the flexible hours.

When I called the office, I was greeted warmly by Sam, the administrative assistant. Sam is a gem that sparkles and would later help to put me at ease while I nervously waited for my first treatment. When I first met Erin, she took her time with me, non-judgmentally listening to my concerns and goals for treatment, while creating a plan specific for me, checking in during subsequent appointments and making adjustments as needed. I soon learned this journey would be about more than stimulating key acupuncture points that would help increase fertility and reduce stress, although that turned out to be great too. Erin’s knowledgeable recommendations also led to healthier dietary choices and vitamin supplementation that would help maximize these goals. This was never more evident to me than when we compared initial and subsequent lab work that showed improvement as related to aspects of my fertility. In time, I also just felt better and began to notice improvements in other areas. For example, I noticed I no longer needed routine massages to work out the knots in my back that previously accumulated due to stress. Most of all, I found in EKAH a kind and caring space that helped lift me up during difficult periods of my journey, while also celebrating my triumphs. As if that weren’t enough, the tea that Erin makes herself and is available in the waiting area is amazing. She also utilizes technology to help increase comfort (e.g., via call buttons during session) and ease (e.g., via an electronic portal system, including for documentation completion, sending messages, and tracking of receipts – great for tax purposes), as well as provides superbills for insurance reimbursement. Going to EKAH also improved my relationship with needles, allowing me to navigate some of the tougher aspects of my fertility journey with greater confidence. EKAH is a community created by a gifted practitioner that I feel lucky to be a part of. I look forward to my appointments. I cannot recommend EKAH enough.

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How acupuncture is helping me with my period.

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