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Erin Kumpf Acupuncture & Herbs

Our Philosophy

Our Philosophy:

“We believe that we are all one and, every single person that comes into our clinic is a powerful soul with their own unique destiny that contributes to the whole.  We also respect that we all possess an innate, intelligent, healing power.  Our mission is to help you reclaim that internal healing potential and to help you overcome pain, suffering, and dis-ease that is preventing you from becoming your true most powerful self and living your life, fully.”

-Erin Kumpf, Clinic Director

FOCUS ON RESULTS:  We want you to get better.  Quickly.  While Chinese Medicine is not a quick fix, we establish treatment plans that are designed to get you to where you want to be in the most efficient way possible, while honoring the healing processes.  Our goal is to not see you.  Truly!  While we LOVE our patients, our job is to help get you better.  Once we meet the goals for which you are coming in, we believe you will come to us if/when you feel it is right.  Some people prefer to stay on a maintenance plan with monthly or quarterly treatments but every one is different and what will be best for you, you will know and decide.

HELP AS MANY AS PEOPLE AS POSSIBLE: We are not a spa center (we can refer to some great spots though!) nor do we want to have treatments linger on with no direction.  We want to help as many people as possible who truly are in need of help and to help you get BETTER the quickest way possible.  For each person we help get better, there are 10 people that need our help.  We want to help YOU achieve your health goals so that you can then feel confident in sending us your brother, sister, mother, neighbor, and best friend.

SUPPORT YOU AND YOUR DECISIONS: We will never judge your preferred medical treatment decisions.  We will offer recommendations and advice but our goal is to help YOU and support YOU in your medical decisions without judgement and criticism.

HONEST AND INTEGRITY:  Our focus is YOU.  We are transparent in our clinic. There are no gimmicks nor will you ever be persuaded to do anything that is not rooted integrity and our expertise in determining the best avenue of treatment.  Our services and recommendations that we offer are to get you to where you want to be, health wise, in the most efficient way possible.  

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