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About Us

Erin Kumpf, D.A.C.M., L.Ac., FABORM

Founder and Clinical Director

Dr. Erin Kumpf D.A.C.M., L.Ac, FABORM, is a nationally board certified and state licensed Acupuncturist and Herbalist in the states of New Jersey and New York. Erin specializes in Women’s menstruation disorders, hormonal imbalance and fertility.  She is also a Certified Holden QiGong Teacher.

Erin graduated from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in 2013 with a Masters in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine and Doctorate in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine in 2015 and has continued on to study endocrinology and reproductive health.  Erin is also a Fellow of ABORM (American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine) certified: an elite group of practitioners that have demonstrated competency and advanced knowledge in the field of both Western and Oriental Reproductive Medicine by passing rigorous advanced certification and examination.

Erin grew up with a fascination for the human body, the mind-body connection and the connection between our environment and our health.  Even before graduating from Villanova University with a BA,  she knew that a career in medicine was in her future.   After suffering from amenorrhea and irregular menstrual cycles that resulted in significant pain and erratic bleeding for over 10 years that no doctor could seem to rectify, Erin was reluctant to proceed with the aggressive treatment plans being recommended to her.  After embarking on a holistic endeavor of weekly acupuncture treatments, herbs and diet adjustments, she quickly experienced, first hand, the beauty,  elegance and power of this medicine. 

Her own experience was so profound and results so impressive that she felt compelled to follow her heart and achieved a Doctorate in Chinese Medicine in order to help as many women as she can who are also frustrated with stubborn health issues. She has since specialized in treating the root causes to menstrual irregularities, hormonal imbalances and fertility issues.

Erin’s own frustrations have been channeled into her mission: 

To bring relief and hope back to as many people as possible that have been told, “there is no hope” or “we’ve tried everything and there is nothing else we can do” or that the only options are harsh medications and surgery.  Erin believes in and respects that we all have a healing intelligence that is powerful but that many people have lost touch with this power.  She works with each patient to help them reconnect to their own inner healing wisdom and to help people live their lives with less or no pain and rekindle their joy and to live life with meaning.

Erin is an avid musician and spends her free time playing in two local bands with her husband, loving her small farm of animals (just kidding, but she does have two cats and a dog that she adores), and voraciously reading medical journals on health, wellness and latest medical research.  She is also on the board of trustees at her local county park where she helps in the park’s beautification project.


Want to meet with Erin to see if she can help you?

All you have to do is click here request your free consultation so you can meet with Erin to discuss your case.  In our no-pressure, in-office conversation Erin will listen to your story and review some basics about your medical history.

Once you’ve had a chance to discuss your case and she feels that she can help you with your issues, you’ll have the opportunity to move forward and work with her to address your health challenges.  

So, if you’re ready to explore YOUR possibilities for healing, request your free consultation now.

East Asian Medicine And Acupuncture Clinical Experience:

~ Labor and Delivery Unit of the Lutheran Medical Center – Brooklyn, NY
~ Drug and Alcohol Treatment Center at St. Joseph’s Hospital – New York, NY


~ Doctor of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine (DACM) from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine (PCOM) in San Diego, California
~ Masters in Traditional Oriental Medicine (MSTOM) from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in New York, New York
~ Bachelors of Arts (BA) in Communication from Villanova University

Volunteering And Community Outreach:

~In August of 2012, Erin traveled to Guatemala to the The Barbara Ford Peace Center with a group of Acupuncturists and students to provide local villages with Acupuncture and Herbology treatment. During their week-long stay they were able to successfully treat over 1,200 patients. She will be embarking on her second mission to Guatemala in April of 2017.

~Erin is heavily involved with her community in Jersey City Heights as a member of the Washington Park Association and as a member of the Riverview Community Garden

Brittin Bleakley, MSTOM, L.Ac.


Brittin Bleakley is a licensed and board-certified acupuncturist in New Jersey and New York. She earned a Master of Science from Pacific College of Health and Science. Her clinical training included a competitive externship at Institute for Family Health, NYC.

Brittin is inspired by the holistic approach of Chinese medicine, which takes into account the mental, emotional, and physical aspects of the whole person rather than isolated symptoms. Brittin became acutely aware of the body’s intelligence and ability to find balance when she began her own healing journey with acupuncture, over 14 years ago. She understands from experience that given the opportunity and the appropriate guidance our bodies can heal. Brittin has been able to continue her active life while also continuing on her path of personal growth. She is excited to be able to share her experience in acupuncture to help guide those on their own personal health journey.

When not practicing, Brittin is taking care of her plants, working in her garden, or cooking and discovering new recipes. 

Licenses & Accreditations: NJ Acupuncture License #25MZ00159800 NY Acupuncture License #007098-01

Samantha Cagman – Office Manager

Sam was born and raised in NJ, having lived in Bergen and Union Counties before moving to Jersey City Heights, Hudson County in 2013. When Sam is not being a rock star office manager, taking exceptional care of our acupuncture clinic and our patients, she teaches yoga all around New Jersey and Manhattan.  Sam is dedicated to bringing self-love, self-motivation and self-adoration principles into her interactions with all who cross her path.  She thrives in making EKAH patients feel welcome, comfortable and LOVES being the first and last person with whom our patients interact.

Sam is an avid yogi, loves all things animals, flowers and music, and THRIVES on being outdoors.  

Michelle Borja – Office Administrator

Michelle is a freelance illustrator residing in Union City, New Jersey. She is passionate about art, hospitality, and making patients feel at home at EKAH! When not at the office, Michelle is off hunting for inspiration in nature, local food markets, and within the colorful Latinx community in the New Jersey and New York area. 


Miriam Navarrete – Front Desk Associate

Miriam is born and raised in Hudson County. Miriam is a performing artist and musician with a kind, friendly spirit. When not in the office, Miriam is coming up with a new handcrafted project, performing on stage, or offering yoga and sound healing classes to the community.

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