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Acupuncture and Egg Freezing

Egg Freezing and the Benefits of Acupuncture

Egg freezing is not a new option available to women, yet has garnered more and more press as of late as more and more patients are choosing to preserve their eggs in the event that they would like to have a child in the future.

Similar to how acupuncture and herbs can help create the optimal environment for either natural conception or in assisted reproductive methods (in fact, the same medications that are used for IVF are used for the egg freezing process), Chinese Medicine can help to balance out the delicate hormonal axis, help preserve the quality of eggs and increase blood flow to the uterus and ovaries.  This sets the stage for your body to respond more favorably to the medications required for stimulation of the ovaries and follicles, the subsequent triggered release of the eggs and for their retrieval.

Acupuncture has show to improve the outcome of assisted reproductive methodologies such as IVF and egg freezing by “modulating neuroendocrinological factors; increasing blood flow to the uterus and ovaries; modulating cytokines; and reducing stress, anxiety, and depression.”1

The Side effects of the medications used in ART are varied and Chinese Medicine may also help to mitigate some of these side effects.1

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1 Anderson, B. J., Haimovici, F., Ginsburg, E. S., Schust, D. J., & Wayne, P. M. (2007). In vitro fertilization and acupuncture: clinical efficacy and mechanistic basis. Alternative therapies in health and medicine, 13(3), 38.

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